Introducing ComfortWall

ComfortWall™ Cavity Insulation harnesses the power of ROCKWOOL insulation, bringing unsurpassed comfort and cost savings to new and existing Australian homes.

Wall Insulation Designed for Peace of Mind

A ComfortWall insulated cavity sets a new standard for comfort and cost-saving, protecting your family from noise, fire, and dampness - and the extremes of winter and summer.

Originally inspired by the way wind spins threads of molten lava into a web of stone wool, ComfortWall harnesses the renewable resource of volcanic rock. Free from harmful chemicals, it is one of the world's most trusted natural insulations.

ComfortWall utilizes the same certified and proven technology used to pump stone wool into the wall cavities of millions of European homes for over 50 years.

Unlike other insulations, ComfortWall delivers an installed performance warranty as specialist technicians install the insulation to strict international quality control standards.

Performance that is warranted

When ComfortWall is installed into a traditional 50mm wide masonry cavity, hygrothermal (energy and moisture flow) modelling shows that, for Perth climatic conditions, heat flow in and out through the walls is reduced by 65%. Modelling undertaken with House Energy Rating Software (HERS) used for BCA Energy Efficiency compliance shows that 50mm of wall insulation is very cost effective, increase State ratings by up to 20% and reducing air conditioning and/or heating costs by up to 35%. Since the thermal performance of ROCKWOOL insulation does not vary or degrade over time, ComfortWall delivers improved thermal performance for the life of the building.
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Research verified that fibrous insulation is extremely effective at absorbing a wide arrange of sound frequencies, and that performance improves with fibre density because the increased fibre surface area results in more friction between the sound wave and the fibre. Installed under pressure to achieve a 40kg/m3 density, ComfortWall delivers five times the density of the average ceiling insulation batt, fully filling the cavity space, blocking gaps, and absorbing flanking noise that would otherwise reverberate through the cavity. Since ROCKWOOL stone wool does not shrink or sag, the cavity will remain tightly filled and the insulation will continue to absorb flanking noise for the life of the building.
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A cavity wall is designed to be moisture resistant. If the insulation selected for use in the cavity does not allow moisture vapour to flow freely, it can trap moisture, increase the risk of condensation, and lead to higher levels of dampness that promote the growth of harmful mould and fungi. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is highly vapour permeable, meaning it allows vapour to flow just like natural air. With ComfortWall, hygrothermal modelling shows reduced energy flow (warmer in winter, cooler in summer), without affecting the natural flow of moisture vapour, allowing for walls the breathe, keeping it drier for the life of the building.
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Whilst other insulation materials can reduce their flammability with “fire retardant” chemical additives, those additives do not stop the material from burning in real-world fire conditions and can increase the toxicity of the smoke that is produced. ROCKWOOL stone wool is manufactured from natural stone – making it one of the only insulations certified by the CSIRO as non-combustable – it will not burn. The insulation will not ignite when exposed to a plumber’s oxy-acetylene flame, flying embers from a bushfire – or a real-world fire. With a ComfortWall, the inherent fire resistance of the cavity wall is retained for the life of the building.
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Customers reviews

We install hundreds of homes a year. Here's what a couple of our happy customers had to say about ComfortWall.

We're one of the 'fussy' builders. So we tend to insulated ALL our homes with this product, far superior than the fibreglass (yes, we've used both). My own home, our current 'flip' and out next client's project have (will have) all external sound-proofed with Comfortwall.
Ranger McClean
Builder, Perth WA
I own a duplex, and the shared wall noise was awful! I could clearly hear what my neighbor was watching on TV. Installed this and its barely a muffle. Friends visit and can't believe the difference. I did the 1st floor living room wall, and you would think the neighbor wasn't home. But in the 2nd floor hallway (same wall) you can hear everything on her side clearly. People are amazed what a difference it makes!
Kristan Cheer
North Perth, WA
We got recommended Mike from one of our friends who built through Oswald Homes. Really happy with the whole process and working in with our builder - the home has kept cool all summer and looking forward to seeing how it performs in the winter.
Dianne Cambridge
Rossmoyne, WA

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Mount Hawthorn Project

This project involved a two-storey apartment located in Mount Hawthorn. The unit was located on the end of a block of four, sharing one internal wall with their neighbour and one exposed to the elements.


The homeowner had two issues when he contacted our sister company InsulGuard.


Problem #1 - She could easily hear the neighbors and all the noise they made and;


Problem #2 - The apartment was extremely hot in the afternoon due to a large westerly facing wall.


After an extensive NatHERS home energy assessment, factoring in the orientation and design of the house, cavity wall insulation was the solution. By insulating the Western facing wall with ComfortWall, this would increase the thermal resistance of the wall from R0.4 to R1.72. This was dramatic as this wall was responsible for nearly 42% of the heat transfer of the home.


Due to the fibrous nature of the product, it was also highly suitable for acoustic insulation. By installing the granulated Rockwool in the double brick cavity between the apartments, this reduced noise transfer and vibrations travelling between.


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