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ComfortWall™ Cavity Insulation sets a new standard for comfort and cost savings, protecting your family from noise, fire and dampness – and the extremes of winter and summer.

Originally inspired by the way wind spins molten lava into a web of stonewool, ComfortWall is made from the renewable resource of volcanic rock. Free from harmful chemicals, it is the world’s most trusted natural insulation.

ComfortWall is pumped into the wall cavity with the same certified and proven technology used in millions of European homes for over 50 years.

Unlike other insulations, it is installed by specialist technicians to strict quality control standards and comes with an installed performance warranty.

A whole home assessment

ComfortWall™ representatives are trained to consider the comfort of your home as a whole.

Our initial site visit includes a full acoustic and/or thermal appraisal from the roof down.

The subsequent report provides a more
detailed expectation of the
benefit that ComfortWall
can achieve across various
areas of your home, as well as
recommending the most effective DIY
projects, products or services that could
add further to its affordability and comfort.

Quiet, Safe, Comforable and Healthy


Brick walls are good at stopping noise, but an unfilled cavity allows sound to travel along it from room to room. The open tops of walls and the small gaps around windows and doors are weak points and allow noise to enter your home. ComfortWall absorbs this cavity noise, adding quietness to your home.


ComfortWall is one of the only insulations that the Building Code of Australia classifies as non-combustible – it cannot burn. If the plumber needs to weld a leaking pipe or an electrical wire shorts, the insulation will keep you safe. If you live in a bushfire prone area, there is no risk of flying embers igniting the insulation.


ComfortWall performs where you need it most, insulating you from hot western walls that radiate unbearable summer heat into bedrooms throughout the day and long into the night – or cold southern walls that never see the sun and keep rooms cold, damp and musty throughtout the winter.


ComfortWall fills the brick cavity and fits snugly around wire ties and pipes. For over 50 years the unique stone wool structure has been proven to allow walls to breathe whilst also providing a highly effective water barrier. Being made from rock, it will never rot or decay.

cost savings

How much does a home really cost to keep cool/warm?

Even with ceiling insulation added, existing homes can still fall short of the Building Code of Australia’s minimum energy standard of 6 Stars and result in power costs of $12,000 to $16,000 over 10 years.

Research shows that ComfortWall improves the effectiveness of double brick walls against heat and cold by 65%, amd improves the overall home by approximately 20% – making it much cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

ComfortWall can also be installed into existing brick veneer and timber framed walls, increasing their poor resistance to heat flow by 50-85%.

*Of course this is a ‘guesstimate’ as every home is unique in the way it lets heat in/out, and we’re all very different in how and when we cool/heat them, but this calculator is based on intensely detailed modelling software used by energy assessors to comply with the Building Code of Australia. The modelling was based on three different sized double brick homes specific to the Perth climate zone, assumes the presence of effective ceiling insulation, and is consistent with today’s common building practices and family home designs.


ComfortWall Cavity Insulation uses stone wool from the ROCKWOOL Group®, the world’s largest stone wool insulation manufacturer.


  • Spun from naturally replenishing volcanic rock
  • Does not contain any fibreglass, asbestos, plastics, polystyrene or potentially hazardous materials
  • Does not contain harmful fire repellent additives like those used in foam insulations that can work their way into indoor air
  • Does not contain dyes, have any odour, absorb water or sustain mould
  • It’s re-engineered natural volcanic rock, designed to last a lifetime


The technician consults the building plans, inspects the walls and plans a pattern of injection holes.
The 18-22mm holes (between the size of a 5 and 10 cent piece) are then drilled using a specialist European masonry cutting bit into the selected mortar joints.
Granulated ROCKWOOL stonewool is then injected in rows from bottom to top to achieve a controlled installed density.
Pumping is timed to ensure no gaps occur and small adjustments to the equipment’s pressure and flow rates are made to respond to different conditions inside the wall.

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  • How long does ComfortWall take to install?

    Depending on house size and conditions, installation normally takes 1-2 days.

  • Does ComfortWall Cavity Insulation require holes to be drilled in my walls?

    Absolutely yes. Filling a wall cavity from the top cannot ensure the product has flowed around all the real life obstructions of wires, pipes, debris etc inside a wall and created a warrantable water barrier. We refer to that practice as ‘spray and pray’ – that it works properly.

    Our technicians inject to a certified pattern and timing that confirms the wall has been filled completely and all the key performance criteria of moisture, thermal, acoustic and fire have been met.

    That said, the holes are very small, between the size of a 5 or 10 cent coin, and are drilled into the mortar between the bricks to leave very minimal cutting of brick corners. The holes are then refilled and patched professionally with correctly coloured mortar and only detectable at closer examination.