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Supplied. Installed. Warranted.

ComfortWall combines stone wool material performance, specific purpose installation technology and over 50 years proven performance in harsh European conditions to give the builder a warranted cavity insulation solution.

Supplied. The insulation is engineered by the ROCKWOOL Group, the world’s largest stone wool manufacturer. It is made by melting and spinning volcanic rock at high speed to produce hair-fine fibres.

What attracts your client to ComfortWall?

Consumer confidence in the benefits of insulation

Consumer research shows West Australians respond positively to products that are environmentally responsible and economically viable. ComfortWall insulation is made from naturally replenishing volcanic rock, provides acoustic, fire and moisture benefits – and reduces heating and cooling costs.

Polling suggests West Australians are positive about environmentally responsible products that are economically viable. This is supported by the graph opposite showing Australian consumer confidence in insulation as a highly effective and cost saving solution continues to rise. This suggests that, has already happened elsewhere, the trend will extend to wall cavities as clients become aware of a value-adding, proven option.

ComfortWall is a tested and proven insulation – it is environmentally responsible, has higher performance value-adding benefits, and can reduce ongoing costs.


The technician inspects the walls, plans the injection hole pattern, then drills 22mm (size of a 10 cent piece) holes using a special purpose masonry bit. The granulate is “pumped” into the cavity through each hole under a controlled pressure to achieve a nominal 40 kg/m3 installed density.

The combination of engineered fibre structure and controlled installed density produces a continuous, tight fitting insulation layer that does not settle, shrink or degrade.

What attracts the builder?

Reliability and Performance

ComfortWall is installed by authorised installers with certified equipment and trained technicians. AIS Home Insulation is the Greater Perth contractor and has completed over 3,000 installations since 2000, in houses ranging from starter homes to large designer homes to multi-dwelling complexes (100-2,000m²).

Just like the homes you build, an investment in ComfortWall will stand the test of time. Unlike supply-only insulations, where the builder is responsible for installation and the installed performance, ComfortWall comes with an installed performance warranty – meaning the product, installation and as-installed performance is warranted – reducing the builders risk.

ComfortWall provides this standard of warranty because the performance has been evaluated, tested and proven for over 50 years. It has had British Board of Agrement Certification (equivalent to CodeMark) since 1989.



Empty cavity masonry can provide air borne and impact sound insulation, but does not stop flanking sound transmission……………


ComfortWall is one of the only insulations that the Building Code of Australia classifies as non-combustible – it cannot burn. If the plumber needs to weld a leaking pipe or an electrical wire shorts, the insulation will keep you safe. If you live in a bushfire prone area, there is no risk of flying embers igniting the insulation.


ComfortWall has been specially developed to fully fill and insulate cavity masonry walls. Hygrothermal modelling shows that when installed, heat flow through cavity masonry walls can be reduced by 65% – the result being lower energy usage and a more comfortable indoor environment.


ComfortWall fills the brick cavity and fits snugly around wire ties and pipes. For over 50 years the unique stone wool structure has been proven to allow walls to breathe whilst also providing a highly effective water barrier. Being made from rock, it will never rot or decay.


ComfortWall Cavity Insulation

  • Performs as four types of insulation
  • Reliable performance every day of the life of the home
  • Does not slump or sag
  • Will never rot or decay
  • Installed Performance Warranty

Rolls of plastic foam with aluminium foil face

  • Functions only as thermal insulation
  • Performance depends on how carefully, cleanly and expertly the bricklayer spaced, sealed and kept the product taut, and how much exposure it had to the elements before roof cover went on
  • Performance drops significantly:  as wall cavity temperatures rise, with air drafts, as dust accumulates in the cavity and with the tarnishing effects of moisture
  • Requires stocking, transportation and securing of materials
  • Reduces bricklayer productivity

Moisture and compliance to the BCA/NCC

ComfortWall satisfies the requirements of the BCA. Download the extensive documentation suite to provide your Building Surveyor with a detailed review of the provisions that apply and the evidence of compliance.

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