About Us

Our Story

AIS Home Insulation is an arm of the AIS Group, the leading Australian supplier of non-combustible stone wool insulation products and technical services. Since 1995 our strong partnership with Rockwool Group has enabled us to bring high quality thermal and acoustic insulation materials to the Australian market.


The AIS team has over 100 years of collective technical experience and a thorough knowledge of insulation in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Our residential expertise includes:

An in-house Building Scientist with a specialty in analysis of moisture, sound and heat transfer through building assemblies, and how they relate to Australian construction codes and standards.

Close relationships with leading global manufacturers and their technical departments as we review the world’s most trusted and innovative building solutions

Our Values

“It doesn’t matter how many satisfied customers we have if you’re not one of them”

At AIS Home Insulation our aim is to produce high performance, cost effective, insulation solutions that increase the quality of life in Australian homes.

By using the right insulation in the right way, we know that the control of noise, temperature and moisture in a home can significantly assist the physical and mental health of its occupants.

Equally a must is that we offer products that are safe and responsible; unable to burn in the event of fire, free from harmful chemicals, and reducing our reliance on energy consumption for future generations.

Quality Assurance

All of our supplier’s materials are of the highest quality and meet all appropriate manufacturing standards, including ISO9000 and AS/NZ 4859.1.